Domestic Properties

Domestic Properties

Finding or suspecting you may have asbestos in your home, can be a stressful time. Our expert team can help put your mind at rest. As the majority of Asbestos found in homes are normally sealed, bound into other solid materials or in locations away from daily use, the likelihood of asbestos becoming airborne is low.

Asbestos can be found in a variety of materials, including those used in house building. Being such a versatile material, it was capable of be used for multiple purposes, from adding structural strength to materials such as cement garage roofs or boiler flues to decorative finishes on ceilings or fire protection around roof soffits and boilers.

Asbestos Cement Products

Mixing small amounts of asbestos with cement enabled the production of very durable, weather resistant materials such as garage or shed roofs.

Although these items contain asbestos. If maintained intact, these items are normally stable and unlikely to release asbestos fibre.

If over time the sheets have begun to delaminate and look unsightly or are just not required, we can offer a number of options, to help

  1. Collection only, of removed sheets.
    If the sheets have been previously removed, we can collect. As a licenced waste carrier, we can collect waste in one of our bespoke waste vehicles and deliver to an approved waste facility.
  2. Removal of roof sheets and disposal.
    A popular solution, as a cement sheet is heavy and can pose more non asbestos risks of injury whilst being removed.
  3. Complete removal of Garage
    Supporting structures of older garages are often also obsolete and so we can remove the entire structure down to slab or beyond if required.
  4. Removal and replacement
    Complete removal of existing roofing and replacement with a non-asbestos equivalent.

Asbestos Soffits

The soffits around the eves of the roof are often made of an asbestos containing material. Be it asbestos cement or the more friable insulation board, we can safely remove and dispose of, prior to modern replacement.


All of the works carried out by our team are completed with all regulatory and waste disposal certifications

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